Ethan Bergman

Activist for Jewish-Israeli inclusion & Diaspora connection with Israel

Ethan is a Europe-based Jewish and Israel activist, an educator and writer focusing on Jewish identity, inclusion and Diaspora interactions.

Ethan’s Ashkenazi-Sephardic ancestors have frequently migrated in Europe, ranging from Portugal and Hungary to France and Ukraine. He speaks French, Hebrew, Dutch, Spanish and English.

Bergman grew up in Belgium’s Jewish community as an Israeli national who regularly stayed in Israel where his family has lived for a few generations. After graduating, he left the tight-knit community and became fascinated by the odd image of Jews and Israel abroad and has since then aimed to combat ignorance concerning these subjects. After having experiences hateful ignorance towards Jews and Israel at universities studying International Relations, he became dedicated to positive education about Jews and Israel. He often interacts with Jewish and Palestinian communities in Europe and educates young adults and university students about distinct subjects surrounding civil peace and lesser-known Jewish culture. Working with numerous organizations, Ethan creates programs to tighten the bonds between the Diasporas and Israel.

Priorly working at the European Jewish Association as EU Youth Affairs Officer, he is dedicated to safeguarding the next generation of Jews in Europe which is inseparable from Israel and its image.

Why am I part of HaBayit?

“My role in HaBayit is to employ my knowledge, network and skills to forge foreign relations for HaBayit and ensure exposure abroad. I hope this will heal the conversation we have about the conflict abroad by focusing on optimistic solutions with vision. I see the outside world as much as an instigator to the Conflict which acts as a separating and polarizing force. I want to ensure that we can alter the frameworks of these interactions and can create links between many Diasporas. For such, I strive to plan events with members of Habayit in the Diaspora to narrow the bridges between us and ensure healthy connections and discussion points with Israelis and Palestinians. Working through HaBayit ensures a strive against vilification of Israel and Palestinians.

My work focuses on:

1. Creating stronger unified and proud Jewish communities throughout Europe and creating inter-cultural events.

2. Exposing Israel and Palestinians communities to influential sectors in the Diaspora to combat ignorance and instill a framework for civil peace.

3. Providing young & student communities in the Diaspora with the tools to strengthen their identity and confront antisemitism and exclusion in its various shapes.

I believe conversations and interactions should be prioritized for civil peace rather than prioritizing land swaps and legal peace. Israelis and Palestinians deserve peace inside the Land and outside the Land.”

איתן ברגמן