Eliran Ben Yair

Activist for the Jewish people and researcher of history

Eliran is a 19-year-old Israeli peace activist and entrepreneur who specializes in the study of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the study of Jewish history in the Land of Israel and in exile in the Hebrew, English and Arabic languages.

Eliran is a descendant of the “Mustaarbin” (48’ Jews/Jews who lived in Israel before the establishment of the state and spoke Hebrew and Arabic) from Tiberias.

Part of his family lived in exile in Morocco and Iraq, and the other part always remained in Tiberias, in the Land of Israel.

Already at the age of 14, Eliran worked in a factory in Judea & Samaria with Palestinians and Jews and later participated in many integrated projects between Israelis and Palestinians and even lived with Palestinians from Gaza, Judea and Samaria and the Diaspora.

From the age of 13, Eliran has flown to many places in the world and participates in panels in various fields, lecturing and representing Israel and the Jewish people in international debate competitions at major universities.

Eliran is currently active on social media with more than 150,000 followers which he talks about history, Zionism, Jewish identity and culture, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the connection between Jews and Arabs through culture/language and many other key elements to emphasize the beauty of both parties and connect through it.

Why am I part of “Habayit”?

“For me, I am part of The Home organization for one simple reason. Unity.

The organization contains people with completely different opinions both from the Israeli side and the Palestinian side, but despite all the differences, it still manages to bring unity between us and to allow us to build a deep and stable relationship that is also a strong foundation for peace and trust between the two sides.

To me, this land symbolizes a home, and as in any home, there are quarrels, conflicts and disagreements. But to solve them we will not divide this home into 2 or cut off contact with the family or hate them forever.

We will also not ignore the problem because it will eventually explode in our faces nor will we call on neighbors/outsiders to come and solve the problem because they will push their interests in our country/home, then the problem will only get worse because they have nothing to lose but we can lose everything.

To resolve the quarrel at home you need to communicate, open your head, try to understand and sometimes compromise, and always give respect, because this is your family and you live in the same house. And if we do not keep this house together, it will be destroyed and we will all lose it.

This country is my home. Our home. We need to work together to maintain it and develop it and take care of all its occupants. For the first time in my life I am part of an organization where there really are two sides that represent their peoples with respect to their identity and culture and also an open mind to dialogue with the other side without unnecessary mannerisms.”

אלירן בן יאיר