Emunah Batyah Rubashkin

Journalist, activist and Associate Director of the Center for Near East Policy Research

Born in 1977 in the U.S.S.R., Emunah emigrated to the U.S. as a baby refugee with her parents, seeking political asylum. Graduating from Brooklyn College with a BA in Journalism, she spent much of her adult life working in community/non-profit organizations in New York. After making Aliyah to Israel in 2004, she was an integral part of the underground music scenes in Israel, for the love of music and the unity in the community that music promotes.

As the Associate Director of the Center for Near East Policy Research, Emunah seeks to investigate and expose UNRWA improprieties and its’ contribution to the roadblock in Israeli Palestinian negotiations for future agreements, and finding a just solution to the plight of millions of Palestinian refugees who continue to anguish in refugee camps across the Middle East for over 70 years, with no end in sight.

The Center also heads the ‘Palestinian Textbook Research Project, which has translated hundreds of official PA Ministry of Education schoolbooks and teachers guides. The Center’s reports have been presented to governmental bodies worldwide, sparking several inquiries, investigations and eventual withdrawal of foreign aid to the PA in promoting a change in the curriculum to be that of peace, mutual recognition and normalization.

Emunah lives in Jerusalem with her husband and 4 children and runs a charity shop called ‘David’s House,’ which raises money for poor families in her community.

Why am I part of HaBayit?

“I joined HaBayit to promote values that include mutual respect and recognition of all residents of The Holy Land, in understanding that the road to peace belongs to the people themselves.”

אמונה בתיה רובשקין