Yirmiyahu Danzig

Activist for Jewish and minority rights in Israel & the Diaspora

Yirmiyahu is an Israeli activist, a writer and speaker specializing in Jewish diversity, history, and identity. Danzig is of Caribbean, Ashkenazic, and Palestinian Jewish descent. He served as a squad commander in a counter-terrorist unit of the Israeli Border Police. He speaks Hebrew, English, Arabic, Yiddish, and Guyanese Creole.

Inspired by the lives of his ancestors who lived in the Old Cities of Jerusalem and Safed for generations, Yirmiyahu advocates for a future where Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs, will share this land in a manner that will not compromise the survival and sovereignty of the Jewish people in their ancestral land, nor the natural rights of the Palestinian Arabs as equal partners in their homeland.

Why am I part of HaBayit?

“My role in the leadership of “HaBayit” is to utilizes my knowledge of Palestinian Arabic to bridge the communication gap that exists between the Israelis and Palestinians of our generation.

My work focuses on:

1. Prroviding the Jewish community and its allies with a more holistic and aboriginally rooted understanding of Hebrew history and identity.

2. Unapologetic advocacy for justice and equality in Israeli society.

3. Equipping individuals & communities in the Diaspora with the tools to strengthen their identity and confront antisemitism and bigotry in all  of its forms.”

ירמיהו דנציג