Nasser Kingo

Activist for peace and for Palestinian rights in the diaspora

Born in 1984 in Uppsala, Sweden, Nasser belongs to the Palestinian diaspora, his grandparents originally from Tiberias (Tverya) and Safed (Tzfat) and both of his parents were born and raised in the Jewish quarter in old Damascus before coming to Sweden in their youth. He is a peace activist mostly on social media, planning his own YouTube channel and will soon be writing his first book.

Nasser trained as a youth educator and has worked with young people for over 15 years through various organizations, mostly in the Swedish YMCA.

Nasser lived his whole life in a particularly vulnerably-stamped area of ​​Sweden, where daily crime dominates. From all of that, he has grown up with different cultures and various of different languages, which inspired him to keep an open heart and mind throughout life.

Why am I part of Al-Beit?

“In my Palestinian community, the majority of the people have always belonged to the peaceful and open-minded part of the refugees. As mentioned earlier, by growing up among different cultures, I was also opened up to Jewish culture, Jewish history and even to the Hebrew language. Just as I sat with Chileans and ate Empanadas and pastel de choclo and spoke Spanish with them, I’ve done the same with my Jewish friends which has led to a lot of knowledge and love that I strive daily to share with others.

For a very long time, I have been looking for something that binds us as Palestinians and Israelis, Arabs and Jews, a place where we can make a difference together. Since I came in contact with Habayit and until today, I feel that its the perfect bridge between us. From cleaning the streets of garbage to clearing hatred online and to one day, ALL of us being able to pray on Al-Haram Al-Sharif/Temple Mount, Inshallah BH.

We cannot create justice through more injustices and we cannot create new justice with ongoing injustices – one thing does not exclude the other. It is time to review EVERYONE’s rights.

It’s enough now, khalas!“

נאסר קינגו