Samantha Levy

Jewish and Peace Activist for Israel Rights

Samantha made Aliya to Israel at the age of 16 grounded in her belief that the time has arrived for the Jewish people to return to their homeland and take an active part in making it a better place. After completing high school she served two years as a bat Sherut (civil servant) and then graduated in Political Science and Educational Management at Bar Ilan University.

At Bar Ilan University she took on community roles advocating for fellow Olim students, and managed the Model United Nations program. Her success managing that program while spearheading initiatives at IMUNA (International Model United Nations Association) led to her appointment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to represent Israel at the OSCE in Slovakia to collaborate with other young leaders in identifying current threats and provide solutions to secure a safer world by 2030.

Samantha has worked with diverse populations in Israel including Ethiopians, Bedouins, Arabs, new immigrants, orphans, the mentally ill and other underserved groups. She is pursuing her MBA while managing the Urban Place community in Jerusalem. Her volunteer work as the Development Manager at JEM (Jewish Empowerment Movement), focuses on the We Were Never Lost documentary series.

Samantha commits to projects she strongly identifies with. The Home aligns with her aspiration for a bright future for all in Israel.

Why am I part of HaBayit?

“One of the most powerful things you can do for someone is to instill within them a sense of empowerment and hope. This is what we are doing at The Home. We are giving Arabs and Jews a sense that we can change the status quo for the better because it starts first with changing the perception of the other to learn to come together. The moment we learn that we can have a conversation with one another, even though we might not agree on all points, that allows us to learn that we both want peace and that is enough to get the ball moving forward.”

סמנתה לוי