Adiel Cohen

Jewish and Israel rights activist and a promoter of dialogue between Jews and Arabs

Adiel is a descendant of Jewish Yemenite family of Rabbis and community leaders.

In 2019 Adiel finished his military service as a squad commander in the IDF’s artillery corps, and started his online activism through TikTok and Instagram by creating content centered around Jewish and Israeli identity and dialogue between communities. Adiel was listed as one of the leading Israeli influencers of 2021, with tens of thousands of followers worldwide.

Adiel works as mentor in a TikTok influencer program and guides young Israelis who are active on social media and wish to share the story of Israel through their authentic perspective. In addition, he took part in an educational and humanitarian delegation in various religious communities in India, including the Jewish community of Mumbai.

Adiel is a student for political science and Middle East history at Tel Aviv University.

Why am I part of HaBayit?

I have always believed in making ties through mutual understanding and bridging of cultural differences. I see the Land of Israel as my only home, and the only home of the Nation of Israel in general. I connect to the land through our deeply rooted history in this land as a people. I believe that for us to show love to our land, we have to appreciate all parts of it and all the communities that inhabit it. My belief in peace comes through my pride in my identity and the understanding that there are various cultures coexisting in this land.

I have never found truth in most of the well-known peace organizations in Israel because most of them promote the idea that for us to achieve peace, we must give up on parts of our ancient homeland and even parts of our Jewish identity. I believe its not up to us to give up on the aspirations that kept out nation alive through 2000 years of diaspora. True and viable peace will come through deep connection to Jewish heritage and appreciation to our homeland.

To me, HaBayit represents the perfect balance between a strong Jewish identity and the belief in humanity and life of peace with our extended family.

Adiel Cohen