Caroline Schuhl Schattner

Activist For Connection Between Jews & Palestinians In Gush Etzion

Caroline made Aliyah to Israel from France during the second intifada to enlist in the IDF.  There, as a fighter in a search and rescue unit, she met with Palestinians for the first time, and slowly met people who made her perception of the conflict change.

A few years later, Caroline moved to Efrat. In parallel with her work with new Olim, she decided to get out of the bubble of the Jewish communities and also build ties with the Palestinians from the nearby villages. She identified a basic need for recognition between the two populations living in the area, both one on the other and in each other.

Thus she began to organize meetings between Palestinians and Jews at her home in Efrat and in the Palestinian villages, joint family trips, and other events that expanded the discourse and the circle of acquaintances.

From the joint talks arose the difficult problems of the current situation – the status quo, especially for the Palestinians living under military administration, and the need to start looking for a sustainable political solution without delay, a solution that would not evict people from their homes, allow Jews to fulfill the return to their Land, and will also take care of the needs of the Palestinian population that resides next to them.

Why am I part of HaBayit?

“I am part of HaBayit to promote dialogue between the Jews and the Palestinians of Judea and Samaria and to advance the discourse on finding solutions to the conflict.”

קרולין שול שטנר